Back to School – We’ve got you Covered

It’s official. The back to school dread is looming. The horror of shopping…with kids… in the school holidays is real. Very real. I know there will be tantrums. There will be bribes. There will be SPA (sibling physical attacks). There will be tears (mostly mine). There will be harrowing decisions to make.

So this year I am doing something about it. I am going hard core ninja.

I am checking school bags for old bananas now.

Bedtime and wake up will become military operation for at least one week (ok, 3 days) before the first day of school.

I will create the ultimate Pinterest board of every single piece of interesting lunch box food ever created.

I will be armed with a cupboard of colour coordinated containers WITH LIDS.

I will have hair ties, nit treatment, the finest comb you ever did see ready to attack.

We will all practice getting dressed every morning for at least one week (ok, 3 days) before the first day of school. (On a side note, I’m with the kids on this one, why underpants alone are not suitable for school is beyond me).

I will be labelling everything we own. EVERYTHING.

And, to turn these shining glimmers of stress free, back to school hope into reality, I am calling in the big guns. We can’t do this alone. It takes a tribe people. A TRIBE!

Thankfully, our friends at Stuck On You are here to help. Experts in keeping families organised for over 20 years, these kind folks have provided the ultimate back to school check list to get us all up and running. Daycare, kinder or primary, they’ve got your back. A comprehensive list with the old school ‘tick when complete’ satisfaction. Bring it on!

It doesn’t end there. This year I will not return from the shops with 3 bags of unnecessary fluff. No siree. I will be hitting the world wide web, wine in hand (obviously we deserve it) and embracing the holy grail of back to school goodness. Books will be labelled with colourful personalised stickers. Bags will be easily identified with bright and bold tags. Lunch boxes will be so orderly munch and crunch won’t know what’s hit it.
So, parents everywhere, join me. Join me in a stress free transition back to reality. Join me in a happy dance of satisfaction. Join me in one moment of organisational happiness. This year we will be those people.

Download your check list here and LET’S DO THIS!




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