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I always get excited when I stumble across new businesses, especially because I know many of them have been established the same way as our little publication. In lounge-rooms, late at night when the kids are sleeping, on shoe-string budgets and with a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm.

I am regularly compelled to showcase these little artisans, not only because I know you, our amazing following, will absolutely love what they have to offer, but also because I know small wins such as an Instagram shout out are huge in building a brand.

This week I chatted with Lotte, founder of And The Rest, about her fabulous kids bedlinen range. You may have noticed their gorgeous products popping up in your social media feed lately, and if not, you certainly will soon. Combining bold prints and amazing quality fabric, it’s little wonder some of the industry’s biggest names are jumping on board to feature it in their latest designs.


Can you explain your idea behind launching and the Rest? I’ve always wanted to combine my love for Graphic design with textiles. Having kids can be very motivating, so when I had my son, I thought what better time to start doing something that I’d always wanted to do. When I was pregnant I was on the hunt for modern cot linen at an affordable price, but found that I had to sacrifice one for the other. That’s where the business idea started.

How would you describe the current range? The range is designed to be enjoyed by both parents and kids. We have used simple bold prints, with a bright, modern colour pallet. There are so many great nursery linen businesses out there, so our our big thing was to try and create something unique that would stand out.

Where do you find inspiration? I have always loved the bold retro shapes and colours from the 60’s and 70’s and I love the simplicity of Scandinavian style. I think my designs are a combination of both.

andtherest3How are you finding managing the new business with being a mum? At the start it was easy, they sleep so much. Then they get older and demand more of your time, which is great! That was the whole reason I started a business from home, to have that flexibility and freedom, so I could spend as much time with my son, Archie as possible. But basically I work when he sleeps, so a few hours during the day (if I’m lucky) and then at night. I’m also very lucky with my husband’s work schedule, so that gives me time if I need it too. Will see how this goes juggling two at the end of the year.

How would you describe your style? I would say my style is clean, comfortable and a combination of retro and modern. I like a space to be simple, with great detailing and pops of colour.

Where can people find your goodies? Our products can be purchased directly from our website or we have some great stockists ‘Little Kidz Closet’ and ‘Merry March Living’


Your perfect day? The perfect day would involve, sun, family, good food, sleep in, wine (not in any particular order)

Mix or match? Oooh toughy, I’m on the fence with this one. It depends on where and when. At home probably ‘mix’ and personal style I’d go ‘match’.

Tea or coffee? I’m more a hot choc, chai kinda girl

What are your favourite Australian brands? There are so many great Australian brands and so many clever mums and dads out there. Instagram is over flowing with clever creative people!! Some of my favourites would be Gorman, Milk & Sugar, Country Road and Hunting for George.

What exciting things are planned for the future? We have some new products in the works…….poufs, wraps and kids robes, all organic cotton and keeping with the current design and then hopefully a new range in mid 2016.

Can’t get enough of And The Rest?

Follow them here on Instagram or visit their website here and Facebook here.

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